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Friday March 20th was a great success when many joined us for a night at the silent movies in Pembroke Town Hall in celebration of the life and work of William Haggar (1851-1925), a pioneer of the film industry with strong Pembroke connections.  It was Vicki Haggar, great granddaughter of William Haggar, who introduced the event and gave us a history of William Haggar’s remarkable life and times. 

Between 1902 and 1909, Haggar made between 40 to 60 films but only a few survive.  Thanks to the Haggar family we are fortunate to have copies of five, including the Maid of Cefn Ydfa which, in its day, was a sensation and made Haggar’s fortune: these have been deposited in Pembroke Museum and form an important part of our collection. 

During the course of the evening the films were shown to live piano accompaniment by musician and composer Sue Howley.  We were fortunate indeed to have Sue play for us – she is a brilliant pianist interpreting the films in her music which breathed new life into them.  This is how they were meant to be seen and the experience was quite enthralling. 

The evening ended to the stirring notes of God Save the Queen (as was once the custom).  I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed Haggar’s Night – certainly one of the most memorable events we as a Society have staged.


Saturday May 2nd 10.30am at Pembroke Town Hall sees the 'launch' of David James' (of West Wales Maritime Heritage Society) new model of a Tudor ship.  The Mary Fortune was one of Henry VII's battleships and David has worked long and hard to build her for Pembroke Museum where she will be displayed prominently. 

Friday May 15th at Monkton Church Hall is Quiz Night - a good night out with a great buffet and all for only £4.

Friday May 22nd at Monkton Church Hall - Talk by Adrian James 'AFVR Linney Head - the War Office Range at Castlemartin n WW2'.

Much has been said and written about the acquisition of Castlemartin range by the War Office in 1939, particularly the dispossessed families and the lost way of life. What the military did at Castlemartin during the war has received little attention, and the range at Linney Head was one of the most important tank training areas in the UK, and almost all the fighting men of the Royal Armoured Corps visited it at one time or another. The story is one of innovative training, top secret trials of much of the equipment used on D-Day, all involving soldiers from Britain, Canada and the United States. This is the story of what happened after the War Office acquired Linney Head and its hinterland.




The much awaited launch of our ‘Through my Eyes – a Community History of Pembroke and Monkton’ took place at the weekend and the response was overwhelming.  So many turned up at the Town Hall and came to buy – we sold 170 books in two hours!

We are extremely grateful to our Assembly Member Angela Burns for opening proceedings along with daughter Daisy who really got into the swing of things. Pembroke Town Council sponsored the event and the Mayor Clr Aaron Carey made the introductions.  Angela Burns then addressed a crowded Town Hall,  above all acknowledging the great amount of voluntary work that has gone into the production of the ‘Through My Eyes’  book and DVD, a project which has involved so many people in the making. It was, she said, a great example of volunteering, of people giving up so much of their time to produce something of value for the community.   Chairman of the Society,Linda Asman, thanked Angela for her kind words and gave a short presentation to describe the project and thanked all those who had helped bring it about.  

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A journey through time

The stories have also been printed as a book, which was originally intended as a key to the DVD but, as it turns out, is fascinating read in its own right and is generously illustrated with personal photographs rather than the usual views of old Pembroke.  The book enables you to see at a glance how the DVD is arranged and how, taken in sequence, the stories take you through time. They are arranged in Sections each with an introduction to link each story to its place in Pembroke’s developing story – from stories which reflect on our prestigious historic past and traditions to personal memories which take us back to Victorian and early 20th century Pembroke to the present day.

It is thanks to a grant of £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund that we have been able to publish ‘Through My Eyes’.  Because of the funding we are able to sell the book at a subsidised rate of £12 and make no charge for the DVD which will be given free with the book: our heritage belongs to us all and we want to make it affordable for everyone.  We will hope to recoup the overspend on the project with the book sales, and any monies resulting will be re invested in future projects of the History Society.



The opening of Pembroke Museum in the Court Room of Pembroke Town Hall has been a big success story. It has proved a popular community venture and has come about by the successful partnership between Pembroke Town Council and local heritage groups including the Pembroke and Monkton Local History Society, the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society, the Pembroke Civic Trust, the Sealed Knot and interested members of the community.  It has all been done completely voluntarily - a museum for the community run by members of the community. 

Opening the Museum with Pembroke's Mayor Clr Keith NicholasPembroke Museum Logo by George LewisPembroke Museum


The Museum is open daily Monday - Friday 10.00am. to 12.30pm, afternoons also during the summer months.

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